Beauties in region of Balneário Camboriú


Hello my friends, I am very grateful to be able to present in more this online channel,, the tourist attractions that you can meet in Santa Catarina. As a first post I will point out some tourist and ecological attractions that we can meet in a small route of 40 km from Balneário Camboriú.

Towards the city of Camboriú has a range of options. For those who pedal, the roads that surround the rural region are perfect, I would indicate the Road of the Encantada and the road of the Straw.

The suggestion for the meal is in a legitimate beaten-up restaurant that serves daily delicious homemade food made on the wood stove, the Califas Restaurant which is located on the way towards the Monkeys, and if you are exploring the countryside of Camboriú on a Monday , you will have the experience of having lunch at the Rancho do Cabeça site, which serves the public only on Mondays.

In Camboriú also has the dry waterfall, the Monkeys and the famous trail of Pico da Pedra, former military base of World War II, where Mrs. Sizinha and his Henrique welcome visitors and watch over the quality of the place. In the place you have the possibility to know the attractions of the colony and to delight in the gastronomy and the products manufactured by the couple, such as: cheeses, homemade breads, liqueurs, jellies, eggs and a delicious cold broth of cana praiana, reserving to eat lunch or to squander herself with the wonderful rural coffee, the coffee of Mrs. Sizinha.

Still in Camboriú at the end of the Rio Pequeno neighborhood you have the Congonhas region and the Encano, which is towards Pico da Pedra and the road of the former BR 101, follow the left and go to Itapema to taste the delights of Garapuvu, on site has a restaurant that caters on specific days and weekends, one alembic and two ziplines.

Come and meet and fly low on the zip lines of the Garapuvu, managed by the professional mountaineer Wagner Neves that will provide moments of much adrenaline with safety.

Another option is to explore the trails of Porto Belo. For those who do not want something so radical and nature has the themed tracks on the island of João da Cunha. Now, for those who want to feel the friction of the bush, there are the Araçá trails that connect Porto Belo with Bombas and Fritz Miller Park at the Costa Smeralda lookout.

In Porto Belo you have the best place to dive with access by trails, in the natural pools in the heart of the Caixa d’Aço and the Shipyard.

The best of Bombinhas are the beaches, the belvedere 360 degrees and the ecological trails. In Zimbros you have access to the Triste beach and the Tainha beach, which is the last one of the peninsula, Sepultura, the Retreat of the Fathers and Four Islands are the ones that have the easy way the crystal clear waters of this paradise.

In the north of Balneário Camboriú, Itajaí presents the beach of Bat and Solitude as the most rugged. In the bat there are caves, climbing routes and the perfect waves of the song of the Brava, stronghold of the surfers.

In Itajaí there is also Atalaia Park, Jeremias beach and Atalaia beach, with possibility of night surf, is one of the only beaches in Santa Catarina with this option.

Penha besides the Beto Carreiro complex, offers the best beaches in the region and the best of gastronomy that is watered with seafood. The Red beach is a suggestion.

Still to the north in less than 40 minutes of Balneário Camboriú has the city of Islet with a spectacular nature, where you can make the trail of the Baú, have the contact with the waterfall of the Chest and taste the homemade gastronomy also made in the wood stove in the restaurant Eco Trutas, thus closes with a golden key the route of 40 km in the tourist region Costa Verde Mar.

Come explore these wonders. These tips are in the ecological sanctuary of the Atlantic Forest, if you venture for these suggestions do not forget the ecological conscience, and if you can not only bring your trash back, collect what you find on the way, nature thanks.

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