Estaleirinho, point of the partys


Just next to the Estaleiro, Estaleirinho beach is famous for being a nightclub, with a special emphasis on Sky Beach houses, and Parador Hotel, respectively, a restaurant and hotel where days parties work, or beach parties during the day. day, and eventually at night and on special dates. The beach is crowded and in the mood for flirting, djs, beer and snacks.

On the left side of the beach the environment is quieter, and what predominates is the landscape. There are surfers on days with waves and these break well in the shallow, which requires bathers’ attention and the experience of surfers. The sand strip is not very wide and there is a lifeguard stand in the middle of the beach.

There are also no public toilets, only in the commercial establishments.

In Interpraias hotels, inns and there are several houses for rent. There are two bakeries, some snack bars, grocery stores and the Estaleirinho pizzeria, unique along the avenue.

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