Estaleiro, the best for surfing


A stunning landscape like the other rough beaches, but is not suitable for bathing. Tomb beach, with strong waves, requires knowledge to dive or swim.

Surfing is frequent, especially in the right corner of the beach, but there is localism: the waves always break in the same place and three or four surfers in the water already represents maximum stocking.

It is worth the walk in the sand and the coasts, always paying close attention to the slides and staying in the stones that are totally dry. The view is rewarding.

On the left side of the beach there is a fishing village, which still maintains the traditional fishing tradition. Along the beach is also the fishing of pitch. There are still many native families living in the neighborhood.

In this stretch of Interpraias Avenue worth mentioning the traditional Bar do Valdir, with pool and cold beer; the restaurant “Recanto do Estaleiro”, with feijoada on saturdays; and “Achados do Brasil”, a well-known handicraft shop, with pieces hand-picked by the owners.

There are several inns. There are no public toilets, only in restaurants that run in the middle of the beach, close to the only lifeguard station that is only activated in the summer. Of all by the sea the only one that stays out of season is the Batuque in the Kitchen.

You have to be aware of safety, especially with parked cars.

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