Aerial view of Laranjeiras beach. Foto Daniele Sisnandes

Laranjeiras is the first beach of the highway Interpraias, is 6km from the center of Balneário Camboriú. Bay-shaped, it has a limited area, it is only 750m of sand, it has no big waves, perfect for bathing the family, especially for those with small children. It is the closest to the Center and extremely crowded.

The access can be done by land -Rodovia Interpraias-, or through the Pirate Ship that transports tourists between Barra Sul and Laranjeiras or by a cable car with 47 cabins for 6 people. There is also regular public transportation, with micro-buses, which connect to the city center every half hour.

It has infrastructure, bars, restaurants and a fishing port. In the high season the occupation of the restricted sand generates controversy, because the bars charge to serve in the tables there arranged.

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