Taquaras, sea and coast scenery


It is in the middle of the Costa Brava, a small former fishing community with the sea ahead and the Atlantic Forest in the background. Until a few years Taquaras was less frequented than the other beaches of Balneário Camboriú, because the sea does not always offer ideal conditions for bathing. In recent years, with the completion of the Interpraias road, many residences of fixed dwellers were built on that beach, improving the supply of restaurants and commerce that however is still limited.

In Taquaras is Ponta do Santinho, a tiny sand area, isolated by the rocky shores and with a natural shadow of the trees that protrude from the hillside. Under the blue water is hidden a rich aquatic flora and fauna, ideal for observation diving. The place is a natural swimming pool, also recommended for children, with the huge stones of the coast providing good dives.

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