Tips about Balneário Camboriú


The Best Season
If you are young or even not being young you like nightlife with lots of excitement, your business is to come to Balneário in the high season, which lasts from Christmas until Carnival.

Today nightclubs promote winter ballads that attract people from every corner, but they do not spoil the life of those who like to rest.

The best time here is after summer, from late February to May when sunny days occur and prices are lower than in the season.

If you want to enjoy a beach in peace, be free of the noise of the season and the swarm of hawkers, do not need to think twice, come here after the Carnival.

The Best Beach

It was Praia Brava, next door, in Itajaí. The central beach of Camboriú in the summer is overcrowded and the people who know the things go to Brava, where there is guaranteed surfing, nice bars and beautiful people.

Changed a little. some beaches south of central, in the region of Highway Interpraias, attract the good people of the head, the one that does not leave trash in the sand, does not like university sertanejo and goes to the beach to have fun without disturbing the others.

The beach of Laranjeiras, also in Interpraias, is great, better still going by boat or cable car. For children, without a doubt Laranjeiras is the safest.

The Best Restaurant

A matter of taste, for me for years was the Bom Sol, established in the center of the city and that produced wonders. Today it does not exist anymore. I would venture to mention the Max (Italian food – behind the regional police station), Pharol, Chaplin, both in the Atlantic and Renato’s Restaurant, in Vila Real, a neighborhood of the city.

The Best Sea Snacks

At the Rancho do Renato, in Vila Real.

The Best Chop

The Chaplin restaurant, which is on Avenida Atlântica right in front of the island. They also serve a filet to the pepper sauce which is a sin. It still has the best environment, for those who like to see and be seen.

The Best Feijoada

Served winter and summer, the restaurant The Pharol, in the Center.

The best anchovy

In the winter, in Renato’s Restaurant, in Vila Real, he himself fishes the fish.

The best pizza

Mangiare Felice, on Avenida Atlântica. For the most fun pizza (it has good music and good view of the city) in the restaurant attached to Cristo Luz.

The best tour

City tour through the Interpraias road, which runs all the beaches south of the municipality. Go by bus line, they are comfortable and cost cheap. The round trip is 40Km, but you can disembark on one of the beaches, enjoy a sea bath and return on another bus, since in the summer they spend half an hour.

The Best Time

The sunrise over the island is a free daily spectacle, just wake up early or go to bed late to witness it.

The best tourist equipment

The cable car installed in the South Barra that runs a route of almost three kilometers connecting the central beach to the beach of Laranjeiras.

The best is on the way, at the Mata Atlântica station, an intermediate station located on the Aguada hill, which has an ecological park that is carefully structured to receive visitors.

A few years ago they inaugurated a modern marina and a walkway over the Camboriú river in the region, the view from the top is great.

The best hotel

The Infinity Blue, luxury hotel with a “private” beach, on Queen’s Road.
The best view

It is the Atlantic Forest Station of the Cable Car, but the view of the Christ Luz lookout is also worth a visit.

The best song

At Cristo Luz’s restaurant. The set that touches the place is first class.

The best of the neighbor

Itajaí public market.


Vivo en Balneário Camboriú hace 30 años y soy uno de los muchos que vinieron, conocieron, amaron y se quedaron.

“Soy periodista, trabajo en un periódico local ( y acompañé la transformación del pequeño balneario de verano en una ciudad con vida propia durante todo el año, que se convirtió en referencia de ocio en el litoral catarinense.

Y en el caso de que se trate de una persona,

Waldemar Cezar Neto

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